8×8 digital art project

Artist statement

In life everyone is afraid of something maybe it’s a spider that crawls on the walls or a snake that slitters coming ever closer, even the smallest of rats could scare the bravest of souls, in short everyone has some kind of a phobia. The idea itself started with the image of the tower tarot which represents a kind of uncontrollable change in a persons life so I sought to create my own version of that tarot card, but that idea slowly changed itself as I pressed on. During the process I came upon a bump in the road as the tower was done and ready for the next step I was at a lost for what to do next as I had nothing to fill the windows of the tower with and it would look rather boring without something of interest to place within those hollowed windows, but I found what I sought very soon after. On my way to class I had fought against one of my few phobias in life, spiders which is what I thought back to when I was thinking of what to put in the towers window’s and I rolled with that, slowly turning the tarot tower idea into the tower of phobias. Along with adding phobias to every window I add texture to the tower making the end result  look even more surreal.

The inspirations for the design of this piece come from my love of anime and from one of my more bizarre inspirations of Czech republic and Russian stop motion animation. The combined form of the two is what i really like as an end result that formed the basis of my project.

The process

the overall process for the project started with the hand drawn picture that came first at the time it was rough a bit random with nothing but the most basic of lines making the picture. after finishing the sketch of the picture i moved on to scanning and outlining the picture which was probably the most time extensive part of the piece which took a few days and i did it on clip studio paint as an alliterative to photoshop. when the outline was finished i moved the project on to photoshop and started to work my magic on the outline. The end result of my project took three different forms two of which ended up as a finished result the one plain one without the txtures on it and the one with the same colored texture all over the tower.

pictured below the process of design

The ProtoTower DrawingThe Tower

Tower O' Phobias3Tower O' Phobias

Tower O' Phobias2

pictured below resources used in production of picture

1-laughing-clowns-patrik-berger 03-05-2009=hands_on_hands 3adcc36cc3240fc38799161723efc321 9bc2f1a71ec3d1cbc6d60d4795ce9094 19eucb9n63qfajpg 9733e6299beeacdd8d8c3d09f5a05ac7 776542 916264-water-background 5551732-Old-clock-machine-Stock-Photo-gear-clock-gears 00674201108080758143869 abomb ba0d5085af73fd490a1f268683a26c17 bd20eb8117e4ad44fa5019b0ab7477d6 Brain_picture contemporary-upholstery-fabric id2 Midwest-Modern-Martini modern-upholstery-fabric-2 modern-upholstery-fabric music-7 need-all-on-4 DSC_7139 tech-advances-dance-music


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