Logo project (summer 2017)



No matter where you go, no matter where you hide ads will always find you no matter how hard you try to avoid them. today’s world is filled to the brim with ad’s made by companies that are trying their damned hardest to get you to desire their goods even if you don’t need it or want it. many, but not all, companies often spend time creating goods that are either pointless or can be easily substituted with a better alternative that can also be easily acquired. these same companies spend many resources that could go towards more important goods that can benefit people more. overall the project was mostly how i feel about how resources that could allocated for something more important are going to cheap and ultimately pointless goods that have no other impact on our world other than to make a few bucks on it.



i started the process more or less the same as the 8×8 project by starting with a drawing in my drawing book, scanning that piece, working out the outline on Clipstudio and then sending it off to photoshop for the final touch. the original concept had three different forms before the final concept, the first being a man waiting for his demise on a time bomb earth, the second concept was a hoard of mindless consumers that had nothing but tv and internet on the brain mostly playing different kinds of advertisements, and the third concept was that of a death god holding different forms of death in each of his 8 bony hands. ultimately the project took elements of both the first and second concepts to create the robotic company folk who are filling the world with ads while using our resources to produce said pointless items that are shown on the ads. another factor of my process was that i made the company folk as genderless as possible as to show that both genders do this and not just one. This total process was mostly inspired by how much time we all waste making and buying pointless things that will leads humanity to its doom under consumerist junk